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The Healing Choice By Brenda Stoeker

Living True Ministries (From Author Fred Stoeker, President)

Living True Ministries

To become a pivotal voice of reason in the midst of cultural decay.

To practically elucidate God’s truth, encouraging and equipping men and women to rise up and be Christian, rather than to seem Christian.

Integrity, Congruency, Character, Urgency & Normality

"To Be, Rather Than to Seem." If I had a family crest, this would be the motto emblazoned across my shield and mantle. As America shifts from a Christian culture to a post-Christian culture, the hearts of many in the church have grown cold. Cold hearts are satisfied to simply seem Christian. No sacrifice is necessary. No pain is necessary. You see, to seem Christian costs you nothing but your manhood.
To be a Christian can cost you everything. Perhaps your girlfriend. Your friends. Your pride. Your freedom to choose your way. But you get to keep your heroic heart. Your courage to stand in the face of opposition. Your integrity. Your manhood. Your intimacy with your Father.

Through Living True Ministries, conference speaking and writing, I'm bent on challenging people to become sexually pure and to connect in true intimate relationship with their Father in Heaven. So far, I've spoken in or been televised into 59 nations, and while that is mind-boggling already, I pray that God continues to open the doors wider and wider.

As for writing, I never dreamed I'd be an author one day. Even after writing Every Man's Battle, I put practically every person I knew into the Acknowledgements section, certain that this would be my one and only book and my only chance to thank them all. But now with seven books in bookstores and with three more in the planning stages, I guess I am an author after all. And, since I am one, I'm grateful that God is in the center of what He has chosen to do in my life, allowing Living True Ministries to win two Gold Medallion awards and two Silver Medallion awards for writing excellence.

As God does with most of us, He has done far more than I could have ever asked or could have thought up on my own. Before I even began writing Every Man's Battle, all I had been praying for was to have a voice in God's kingdom. I just wanted a chance to speak for Him, no matter how small. He chose to completely blow my expectations out of the water and to allow me to speak for Him world-wide through books. On one level, I'm surprised and amazed, but on another, I'm not at all. As we walk in obedience, He loves to bless His children until our joy bubbles over. And now He has even allowed me to become a music producer, and we've recently released my first music CD, Win This War, whose lyrics promote sexual purity and deep intimacy with God. (For more information, go to What a Father! What a God!

Writing is still my first call and so my speaking schedule is limited, but if you are interested in live appearance, you may email at any time for more information.

As God did with Joseph, may He bless everything your put your hand to. Amen.

The Healing Choice By Brenda Stoeker

The Healing Choice

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The Healing Choice